Bhulekh – Khasra Khatauni

In India, Bhulekh is the prominent land record term as well as it is also associated with online land software in states such as Orissa, Bihar, UP etc. However, many other states in India are also offering this land record software with different names. The Bhulekh word came from the Mughal era. At that time, there was a system that used to maintain the land record and that system was known as Bhulekh. After the Independence, this word was acquired by the state government to maintain the land record. If we split the word “Bhulekh” into two parts, “Bhu” and “Lekh”. In the English language “Bhu” means land, whereas “lekh” means a record. Hence, in English, it is translated into “Land record”.

Bhulekh Naksha

In August 2008, the Indian Government launched the National Land Record Modernization program. The main aim behind this program to provide a real-time land record to the citizens. Under this program, states are digitizing all land information including Bhulekh Map or Bhulekh Naksha.

As per the guidelines, each state manages and maintains its own Bhulekh website, where people can access all the details related to land. With the help of this reliable and easy to use Bhulekh Naksha system, people have an authority to access other land records such as Khasra- Khatauni, jamabandi the copy of jamanbandi, fard etc.

What is Khasra Khatauni?

Khasra:  It is an agriculture document that provides information about lands and crops. With the help of this document one can see Bhulekh Map “area of land”, measurement, what type of trees, soil and crops are on the land.

Khatauni: Khatauni is a part of khasra that gives details about the individuals or family of the particular village.

Jamanbandi: It is a land record rights of the village. It provides information about the name of owners, shares of the owner, Bhulekh Naksha, rent, revenue, cultivation and other beneficiary details related to the land.

Bhulekh UP Land Records

It’s not easy for citizens to find out the particular land information manually. So, to make things easier, Government launched Bhulekh online platform that allows citizens to access all the details related to the land records including Bhulekh map, Bhulekh Naksha, Khasra Khatauni, fard, and Jamanbandi. This online portal Bhulekh NIC is designed and developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC Lucknow). For better understanding, all the content is available on Bhulekh NIC website in Hindi.

Here we have comprehended all the steps that help in checking online records.

  • First and foremost head over to the website ( Then click on “????????”. On the left side of Bhulekh NIC website, you can see district names.
  • From the list choose your district name.
  • Once you choose the district name, the result shows you tehsil name of the district that you have selected.
  • In the next step, you have to choose your tehsil name.
  • Once you choose your tehsil name, the result will show you the village names.
  • After that choose the village name and click on this “??????”.
  • Now you are free to search land records such as Bhulekh Naksha, bhumap and fard etc with the help of any three following numbers.
    1. Khasra Number
    2. Khata Number
    3. Name

Bhulekh Bihar Records

Same as UP, Bihar government is also offering online portal Bhulekh.nic to the citizens to access all land records. In this land record system, all types of land records are available. It is also reported that currently 31 states have been updated on the online official online portal of Bhulekh.nic.
How to check online Bhulekh-Bihar Land Record?

  • First and foremost, head over to the official website of Bhulkh.nic (“”).
  • In the next step, navigate to the Bihar Bhulekh map page and select your district name. Once you choose your district name then the result will show all the district’s Anchals.
  • From the map choose your Anchal.
  • After choosing the Anchal. It will demonstrate you the list of all Mouze on the left side of the website.
  • There are two different ways to choose Mouza:
    1. You can choose the mouza from the list.
    2. You can choose the mouza by filtering mouza list as per your requirements.
  • In order to search your land records, you will get the diverse options, select only one from the available choices.
    1. You can get information about your land records by using Khata number
    2. You can get information about your land records by using by Khasra number
    3. You can get about the land records by using landowner name
  • Once you get the information related to your land records you can take the print out of it.

Bhulekh Odisha Records

Under the Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Orissa has inaugurated an online Bhulekh nic portal that allows Orissa’s citizens to access all land records. As now, Bhulekh NIC Orissa website is managing or handling 1,47,77,930Khatiyans of 51679 villages. This Bhulekh NIC contains a record of 31 districts of Orissa. And these districts are further divided into 317 Tehsil and 2413 RI circles, which handle Bhulekh Map records.

How to check online Bhulekh land records in Orissa?

  • First and foremost click on this Bhulekh NIC website
  • In the next step, select location for ROR and then select district name, Tahasil name, village name, and RI circle.
  • Once you select all the options, now choose the following options that are listed below.
    1. Khatiyan
    2. Plot
    3. Tent

How to view Bhulekh map?

Bhulekh NIC website of Orissa offers you the facility to view Bhulekh map. Here we have listed all the steps that help in viewing map:

  • Click on this link
  • Go to the menu bar and click on “map view”.
  • Select your district name, tehsil name and plot number and then click on the “view map” icon to view the Bhulekh Naksha.

Benefits of Bhulekh NIC online portal:

  • This online portal helps in viewing plot map.
  • This online portal resolves legal disputes.
  • This online portal keeps your land record safe and secure.
  • This online portal avail you to access land information from any platform.

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